Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Kumudam Article - Part 3

Article in Kumudam Reporter


An example of an article which though takes a sympathetic view , lacking focus and the right technical reporting.However the views expressed by the Doctor seems to bring a certain degree of balance.It could also be argued that the reporter is reporting this event through the eyes of an average citizen on the road.

Uyir 8


A scientific article written by a Doctor.Dispels many commonly held wrong notions of homosexuality.

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About Us

From the About Us section of Glaad (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation)

We know that what people watch on TV or read in their newspaper shapes how they view and treat the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people around them. And we have a responsibility to make sure those images foster awareness, understanding and respect. When media images of our lives are fair, accurate and inclusive, we find ourselves increasingly welcomed into a society that respects difference. When they're not -- when stereotypes and misinformation pollute the well of cultural acceptance -- we become vulnerable to anti-gay forces working to create a world in which we do not exist.Everyday our stories -- yours, mine, those of our families and friends -- open the truth of our lives to the people we share them with. In the same way, when the media tell our stories well, people in small towns, big cities and everywhere in-between find a window on our lives that broadens and deepens their understanding of who we are. Same principle -- infinitely larger scale. Fair, accurate and inclusive media images shatter stereotypes. They prove that we are connected through common, human experiences. These are stories that
we -- and the media -- have a responsibility to share.

With this same objective in mind, we aim to collect and compile information pertaining to the Indian Media - both in English and regional languages.